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If you’re actively looking to take on a new challenge and have established that our ethos, looking to give something back aligns with your own, then great! However, we understand that making the decision to invest in your own franchise is a hugely significant one. In order to make a thoroughly considered choice, you need to be provided with all the necessary information regarding financing a Digital Age Expo franchise.

Start up vs franchising

Starting and financing a new business can be challenging regardless of the experience you may have. Not only is it costly to start up but sourcing all the different components and funding for them is a timely process too. You may need to employ people, devise your own business plan or hire external services: This all adds up to a significant amount of money and requires a considerable amount of time for them to be implemented into the business.

Although not the case for all, recent BIS (UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) figures suggest that 10 to 20% of all new business start-ups fail within the first year and 50% fail within the first three years, making establishing a new business a risky gamble.

For an experienced professional who’s looking to support SME’s and take a step back from an executive position, it makes more economical sense to invest in a franchise;

To begin with, they’re a much safer and more affordable venture with tried and trusted results.

You’re investing into an established business with a vast record of success and a recognisable brand identity. In terms of marketing, you simply can’t put a price on branding as it takes many years to establish a renowned and trusted presence in the market!

For those still wanting a more involved challenge, franchising is a thoroughly rewarding investment without the stresses of starting up from scratch. Additionally, with UK consulting marketing currently being the largest in the world outside the USA, you can sleep soundly knowing your services will be in demand.

Business in a box

When you sign up to be a part of Digital Age Expo , you immediately have access to your Business in a Box – everything you need to become a franchisee and it’s all tried and tested to ensure that your new venture is a successful one.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s included in your box

Franchise licence
Induction Training Part 1, 2 and 3
Online Product Training Modules
Regional Mentoring Launch Phase Support (First 9 months)
In Field Co-Pilot Business Support
Marketing Tool Kit
Launch Marketing Support
Exhibition Display, Projector & Sound System
PI & Business Insurance (Year 1)
Training & Support
Linked in Sales Navigator Training
Business Stationery
Established Business Partners
Social Media Support

Your marketing tool kit

Personalised Sales Collateral
Online Marketing Tools
Local, Regional and Campaign Website Pages
EMail Account
Access to Online Communcation Centre and Group Fileshare
Operations Manual Application (available as app across all devices)
Social Media Content Creation
Branded Presentation Material

Digital Age Expo franchise – what does it cost?

The minimum startup investment required to acquire a Digital Age Expo’s Franchise is £1,500 (plus VAT) for an associate franchise option and there are no hidden extras! Literally, the price you see is the price you pay! Check our FIM for other Franchise options and associated cost for additional details

Financing your franchise

As the Digital Age Expo’ franchise has a proven business format with head office support, lenders are likely to look upon an application for financial assistance much more favourably than if you were seeking to a similar style of business on your own.

With most banks now having a Franchise department, it’s never been easier to secure the finance needed to become a Digital Age Expo.

We also work closely with specialist Franchise Finance organisations which can provide independent advice. Read our blog for the latest funding options.

We would be happy to discuss financing options with you and point you in the right direction of funding. Contact us for more information.

Could you be a Digital Age Expo Expert ?

Strategic thinking. Strong business insight. Dedication and commitment. These are some of the qualities our Digital Age Expo experts all share . If you think this could be you, get in touch today.

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